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Powerful Solutions, Co‑Created with Schools, Make Equipping Your Staff and Students Easy!

Sustainability comes from structure, supervision, and accountability

Curriculum by design allows your 21st century learners to drive the change in your school’s success culture

  • Co-Curricular Social, Emotional, and Academic Focus
  • Personalized Dual-Learning & Training System
  • Staff & Student Framework
  • Ignite Approach & Methodology
  • Reflections & Ongoing Assessments

Our Approach

Ignite’s proven solutions align with and strengthen your school’s current initiatives

Staff Success Culture Advancement

  • Foundational Research
  • School Culture Assessment
  • Shared Beliefs
  • Staff Compact for Excellence
  • School-Wide Touchstone
  • Student Ambassadors

Transitions Mentoring

  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Advisor Training
  • Foundational Kick Off Training
  • Spring Transitions
  • Fall Orientation
  • Ignite Watch (Tier III Intervention)
  • Celebrations & Certification

Student Empowerment

Ignite Character K-8

  • Advisor Training
  • Foundational Kick Off Training
  • Character & Behavior Focused

The Power of One

  • Breaking down the walls, school-wide event

Ignite Structure for Sustainability

  • 1:5 Mentor to Mentee (Equity Based)
  • 1:5 Executive Mentor to Mentee
  • CTE Class, Zero Hour, Grant Certified, Title 1
  • Servant Leadership Model for Accountability
  • Train the Trainer Approach
  • Training & Coaching Onsite & Online
  • Flipped Classroom Model

Ignite Protocol for Consistency

  • Predictable 4 Step Curriculum Model
  • Co-Curricular Focus
  • Reflections & Ongoing Assessments
  • Personalized Dual Learning

About Ignite Nation

Ignite Nation partners with educators and students to create a unified community that fosters academic achievement with a genuine belief in self and in others. We are a for-purpose organization providing K-12 schools with a system and structure that enhances the student mentoring initiative and sustainable culture of success in schools. What makes us passionate? Students impacting students. Students speaking hope into the hearts of their peers. We provide school-wide solutions driven by staff AND the student voice.


Committed to Learning integrates Office Depot’s education-focused contract division with a wealth of best-in-class partners across the instructional ecosystem of people, classrooms, content, data and materials. Personalizing the learning journey.

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