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Learning beyond the classroom

Imagine exploring coral reefs in the morning and the surface of Mars in the afternoon. With Google Expeditions VR field trips, teachers can take students on immersive, virtual journeys.
Field trips to virtually anywhere

From Machu Picchu to Antarctica to the International Space Station – where will you take your class?

Bring College and Career Readiness to Life

Help students dream big about what they want to be when they grow up! From flying an airplane to testing fossil samples- Find careers that inspire students with Career Expeditions. Even explore college campuses around the world with Virtual College Tours.

Choose an Expedition and invite your class to jump right in.

Over a million students,
on trips to virtually anywhere.

Google Expedition Kits

10-Pack $3,899

10 VR Viewers
10 Students Devices
1 Teacher Tablet
1 Router
2 Quick Device Chargers
1 Custom-Fitted Rolling Case

20-Pack $6,899

20 VR Viewers
20 Students Devices
1 Teacher Tablet
1 Router
3 Quick Device Chargers
2 Custom-Fitted Rolling Case

30-Pack $9,499

30 VR Viewers
30 Students Devices
1 Teacher Tablet
1 Router
4 Quick Device Chargers
3 Custom-Fitted Rolling Case

Make your own kit!
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With VR kits from Office Depot you’ll have everything you need to take your class on virtual reality tours: a teacher tablet for guiding and annotating, deluxe virtual reality viewers, devices, quick device chargers, a router and storage to keep them safe.

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The Promise of VR in Higher Education


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