Introduction to the
World of Drones

Developed by Roscoe Collegiate Independent School District

Enter the World of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Capture students’ interest

Students develop a strong foundation in a critical work shortage field involving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and prepare for FAA certification to legally fly drones for commercial purposes–including law enforcement and security, emergency response, aerial photography, landsurvey, utility inspection, and even more.



Students learn about large-and small-type UAS systems, the industries they are revolutionizing, sensor payloads, how to analyze collected data, and much more.


Students practice with simulated UAS flights at the end of each class—they work on flight skills from the very beginning of the course.


Students participate in live flight training throughout the course, preparing them for FAA certification and enabling them to work in a high-demand STEM field.
And – we give teachers a complete set of comprehensive lesson plans, standards-alignments, classroom presentations, 3D-printing plans, simulators, class project plans, and actual drones.
About Roscoe Collegiate ISD

As a National Rural Model for an Early College/STEM Academy, Roscoe Collegiate prides itself in preparing a highly culturally and socio-economically diverse student body for the rigorous demands of earning an Associate Degree while in high school.

As part of our research-based lesson cycle, we require students to conduct investigations, draw insightful conclusions, and create persuasive analysis leading toward industry certification in high-demand STEM fields.

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