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Parent Engagement for Early Academic Success

Parent Engagement

YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher is a parent engagement program that unites teachers and parents to support a child’s academic success at school and at home. The program includes ENGLISH and SPANISH resources for parents and teachers, an online community, educator training manuals, and workshops.


Available in English and Spanish.
Parenting finally comes with a manual!

3-Book Set and eBook

YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher is focused upon a child’s four core areas of success:

Academic Achievement
Physical Health
Emotional Well-being
Social Well-being

The 3-book set at the heart of the program provides practical steps, tools, and access to resources for parents and educations. Parents track critical milestones in their child’s development as they support academic success from birth through high school graduation and beyond. These materials are also available as an eBook.

Online Parent Community
The online parent community delivers ongoing support for a child’s success, featuring expert engagement advice, activities, and discussions. The community includes a parent forum, polls and link to articles and research. The resources are also available as an eBook.

Training Workshops & Training Manual
Customized workshops for educators, administrators, and parent liaisons teach attendees how to effectively create and maintain sustained engagement in their parent population. Each attendee is trained to become a leader who can identify cultural needs and obstacles within different communities and can lead their own workshops for parents and community stakeholders.


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