Active Seating

Encouraging energized and motivated learning

In an effort to help learners master self-regulation and practice better focus; as well as encourage active learning, educators are now seeking seating options which allow for movement. This modern trend allows learner to fidget while working independently or in learning groups.

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From perches to yoga balls Office Depot, offers the active seating option your learners need to encourage:

  • Energize Learning
  • Motivate Learners to better engage with their work
  • Boost learning morale by creating a fun active  atmosphere.

Offered Selection Include:

  • Balance Stools
  • Yoga Ball Chairs
  • Innovative seating that facilitates movement
  • Active Seating Accessories
  • Sit Stand Seating
  • Much More

To Learn More About the benefits of active seating on learning please visit the following links:

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