Weaving the design thinking process through any content area curriculum

Develop critical thinking,
creativity, communication, and collaboration

Fostering Design Thinking

The 3D Learning Curriculum is designed to create a personalized, constructivist learning opportunity for all students. Students are encouraged to DREAM big, DESIGN creatively, and DO what innovators, creators, and engineers embark on every day. The curriculum also serves as a foundation on which makerspaces can be built in order to ensure their use, relevance, and sustainability.


3D Learning Curriculum



In the DREAM module, students concentrate on idea generation and solutions. In this part of the design process, students ideate an idea or problem to solve.


In the DESIGN module, students select a solution, then design, construct, and test a prototype. In this phase, a design goes through the iteration process.


In the DO module, reflect on the design process and create a final solution design. In this phase, the final design is presented, and its impact and relation to the initial problem are explained.

A curriculum designed to assist educators in weaving the design thinking process through any content area curriculum.

About Wallingford Public Schools

Wallingford created its first Innovation Team in 2011. These teams of teachers work together to develop and implement programs that create learning environments that are personalized and engaging for all students. The first Innovation Team developed the Wallingford 100 Program – 100% community involvement with 100% student engagement for 100% graduation rate and post-graduation success of students. Following this innovation trend, the 2015 innovation team began by expanding the high school capstone experience to the middle school level. In developing this experience, the Wallingford 3D Learning® Program® was developed.

The purpose of the program is to make students aware of their surroundings, have the empathy to identify what’s broken, and possess the skills and mindset to go and fix it.


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